Here at J-5 Trucking, safety is the cornerstone of our entire operation. We employ and maintain only the best drivers that the industry and area have available. From ownership, to management, to drivers, to helpers and runners, we hold ourselves accountable at the highest standards. J5 runs a strong safety program with our safety partner, Safety and Compliance Solutions. In person group safety meeting are held weekly, and our safety partner administers weekly E-meetings.  Safety is alive and top priority in every single aspect of our operation. It starts when we walk in the door to the station, while loading trucks, on the road, and when stopped at deliveries. Driver and community safety is the absolute number one priority. Only those who comply with safety and accept accountability are accepted and we pride ourselves on our amazing staff! Our standards either meet or exceed all of those required by FedEx Ground and the law. We hold an absolute “Zero Tolerance Policy” for harassment, bullying or intimidation. Any such matter is resolved immediately and confidentiality. We are also partnered with the safety department and security department of FedEx Ground and maintain a strong business relationship. This is a live and active culture, and we work to improve it every day.

Join the movement to stay safe!


J-5 Trucking management and staff